Registering a directory with azure requires the coordination between the administrators creation and configuration of Active Directory and the information necessary to configure the Forsta Sync Service to consume the directory information.
1. Logon to Azure organization and select the Active Directory menu.


2. Select the App Registrations from the menu. It is here we are going to establish the Forsta Sync Service as an application which will have rights to the Azure Active Directory Tenant.
3. Select Add to create an application.
4. Enter the name, type, and sign-on URL. These values can be anything the administrator desires to call the application. The one criteria is the the Application Type should be WebApp/API. Select CREATE when all information is provided.
5. At this point, the application should be created and part of the list of installed applications.
 6. Click the Forsta Sync entry in the list of applications. This will bring up the page that displays the details about the application. Here we have an important piece of information we need to keep and capture in order to allow Forsta to interact with the Active Directory Tenant. Copy and hold the Application ID for future reference.
7. On this same page click on Keys. Here we will establish the Secret Key that is also necessary to complete the registration process.
8. This will launch the view to enter the Secret Key. You can choose any duration for the validity of the key. Don't worry about the value field, this will not be populated until the key is saved.
9. Save the Key, then you will be presented with the actual key you will want to copy and hold for the rest of the registration.
10. It's now time to setup the permissions for this application. We only require READ permissions. Click on the API ACCESS (Required Permissions)
11. The API Groups only include Windows Azure Active Directory. We will want to add the Add to select the Graph API 
12. Once you select the Microsoft Graph API, it will then prompt to select the permissions allowed for the API.
SELECT the following
Application Permissions
- Read Directory Data
- Read all User’s full Profiles
Delegated Permissions
- Read Directory Data
- Read all User’s full Profiles
Save the information, and
THERE! We have installed the Forsta Sync App presence to read directory data. At this point we
should have the following data to convey to the Forsta application during registration.


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