Admin Console


When you are the owner or administrator of an organizational account, you will have access to the special administration pages.



1. Messenger is your web-based messaging tool. From here you can send and receive messages with your Forsta contacts.



2. The Organization page is home to your general profile information. From here you can edit your organizational information.

Profile Info:


3. The Users page consists of all of your Organizational user's profile information. From here you can add and edit user information including name, username, phone number, etc... This is also where you can associate tags with their respective users. 




Editing Users: By directly clicking on a user, we can view and edit their personal information.

Adding New Users:  New users can be added by the clicking the button at the lower right of the page. Additions can be added manually, or in bulk through CSV files, G Suite, and Azure.


Tags: Tags can be issued to users by clicking the on the drop down menu within the tags window



4. The Tags page is where you can create, delete, and issue tags to users.





5. Connectors: From the Connectors page you're able to sync your organizational members to Forsta through your existing G Suite or Azure accounts. Our integrations stay in sync with each supported service for seamless updates to staff’s personal information and any deletions or additions of personnel.



6. Billing: From the billing page you can access your account status, plan details, and upcoming invoices.  


















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