Creating Position and Role T@Gs


Creating Tags: Position and Role tags can be accessed from the bottom of the Domain page, under "Edit or Create a Tag". From here tags can be created, edited, and removed.




1. Click the drop down menu and select "New Tag..."



2. Name your tag, enter the description, and choose the parent grouping (Position or Role). For example, we will name our tag @marketing, to represent those users on the marketing team, and choose "Role" as our parent grouping.  




3. Once saved, your newly created Tag will populate at the bottom of the list.




4. To issue this tag to one or more of your users, go to the people page and select your user(s). Select your newly created tag from either the position or role columns from the table list. Here we have chosen our parent grouping to be "Role" so we will select @marketing from that column. We will repeat this step for every user we want associated with @marketing. 





5. Once the new tag relation is saved, our selected users will be associated with the tag @marketing. This means our selected users will receive messages anytime someone from within their domain messages @marketing.





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