Enable a Security Passphrase and Timeout Interval

To enable a security passphrase and timeout interval, tap the more menu located at the top right of your screen and tap "Settings". Then tap "Privacy".


 Screenshot_2017-10-17-15-15-44.png  Screenshot_2017-10-17-15-15-50.png




Tap "Enable Passphrase", then enter your desired passphrase.

Screenshot_2017-10-19-10-04-39.png  Screenshot_2017-10-19-10-04-48.png



To enable your Forsta timeout interval, tap the checkbox within "Inactivity timeout passphrase". Select the length of your timeout interval interval, then tap "OK".

    Screenshot_2017-10-19-10-56-10.png    Screenshot_2017-10-19-10-05-33.png





Your passphrase and timeout interval have now been set. After your desired timeout interval has been reached, you will see the lock screen asking for your personal passphrase. Now, type your passphrase to access Forsta.








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