Web Messenger Basics

Watch our video tutorial, or scroll down for our step by step instructions.


Conversations: To start a new conversation click the add button at the right of your conversations menu.



Add or Select a Contact: Your intra-organizational contacts will be available to simply click and select. If you are in the public Forsta organization, you will need to type your desired contact's username and organization name following the format of: (username-colon-organization). This is also the required format for cross-organization messaging. For example if you are in organization "A" and want to contact someone in organization "B". Once your contact(s) is entered or selected, click the green check mark to start the conversation


You can now send a message to your desired contact(s). Type your message in the bottom text editor and press enter or click the send button to send.




Conversations Sidebar: The conversations sidebar lets you to start a new conversation, or access an existing conversation.




New Messages and Current Conversation: New message notifications are denoted by a blue highlighted number populated to the right of your conversation. The current conversation which you are in is highlighted as well.




Conversation Settings: The following conversation settings are available at the upper right of your messaging window. 


Notifications                Disappearing Messages 

Conversation Settings      Toggle Information Sidebar:




Notifications: Disabling and muting notifications are available for all of your conversations. Disabling notifications will turn them off indefinitely, until you decide to turn them back on. Muting notifications provides specified time length options to choose from.



Disappearing Messages: Disappearing messages allow you to send messages that expire and disappear after a certain amount of time. The message will disappear for both you and your recipient. The time options are as follows:


Conversation Settings: Options include: Clearing all messages for the specific conversation, leaving the conversation, pinning the conversation, and archiving the conversation.


Toggle Information Sidebar: The information sidebar is an all inclusive view into your conversation information. It includes the following:


Markdown Language and /Help: Within any conversation you can access the /help menu by typing then sending the command /help in the bottom text editor. This menu provides the following command options:


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