Forsta Web Message History FAQ


Q: I used a different browser/device to log into my Forsta Web Messenger, what happened to my previous message history?

A: Your Forsta Web Messenger message history is browser (device) specific. This means that with each new browser (device) you use to log into your Forsta account, your message history will also start new.


Q: Where is my previous message history?

A: Each browser or app stores history from the time that it is created. Messages are only stored on the devices or apps that exist at the time a message is sent. Once a device exists, it will receive all future messages.


Q: What is the best way to keep my Web Messenger history consistent?

A: Use the same browser (device) whenever you sign into Forsta.


Q:Why does message history behave like this?

A: For security, message are only stored on your devices. Only new messages that were sent after you installed a Forsta app or logged on with a new browser are part of the history on that device


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