Creating and Issuing Tags

To access Tags, go to your Organization page via the drop down Forsta page menu.


Start creating Tags by filling out the Tag name, description, and any parent tags you want your new Tag associated with. 


Once you save your Tag, you will be able to view it within the Tags menu. The following example displays 4 different tags, with one being a parent tag to the other 3.

A Parent Tag acts a connector to every tag it is a parent of. For example, the @all tag acts as a parent tag to the other three in the diagram. When you message @all, everyone associated with @backend, @customersupport, and @frontend will be messaged as well.



To issue tags to users, go to the People page and click on the user you would like associate the tag(s) with.



Scroll down to the bottom of the user page and you will see the menu for Tags. Click "Member Of" to issue tags for your desired user. Click the desired tag(s) and they will save automatically.

Once saved, whatever members are associated with that tag will receive messages whenever that tag is used. For example: User 1, 2, and 3 are all associated with the tag @devs. When user 4 messages "@devs", user 1, 2, and 3 will all receive the message.






























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