Message Vault Features


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Message Search

Messages can be searched from the right hand menu by adding desired text filters. Message body words and phrases, conversation titles, messages sent to and from a specific user, as well as messages with or without attachments, can be exclusively searched. To add specific text filters, follow these search term formats:

body words  

title: words 

to: fragment 

from: fragment 

has: [no] attach[ment[s]]



Search filter cards will populate below the search bar after the term  has been initiated.




Search results including conversation title and message body can be obscured for privacy.




Search results can be exported by clicking the "Export" button at the lower right of your screen.

One-Click Filters

All vault message results have one-click filter options available.

The "filter TO this user ID" option shows only messages that have been sent TO the specific user.

The "filter FROM this user ID" option only shows messages that have been sent FROM the specific user.






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