Onboarding Users

Creating an Organization

The first step in setting up an organization is to create a user account and an associated organization.  This can be initiated on the Forsta website at

The initial administrator of the organization creates their account and associated organization by filling in the form seen below. (NOTE: Administrators can be changed later). Enter your user information, then click the check box titled “I also want to create my own organization”. Complete the required fields and click “Create Organization”. 


Adding Users: Organizational Users

Adding users to your Organizational account can be done by going to the  Users page. Click the drop down arrow at the upper right of your Messenger window and click on “Users”.


Once on the Users page click the green addition button at the bottom right of your screen to begin adding new users.


Users who are added to an organization will receive the email invite message shown below. To login, they will need to click the link provided and then enter their username.



Onboarding Users: Public Users

If you’d like to communicate with people using Forsta, but not include them in your organization, you can invite them to create an account that is in the ‘forsta’, or public domain (think of this the way you would a gmail email account).  The public domain is where anybody who wants to use forsta but doesn’t belong to a formal organization creates a user account. You can invite them to join through SMS and email, or they can go to the website and sign up.

When you invite them from within your Forsta organization, you will be able to send them messages before they set up their account, and you’ll see when they create an account.  When they sign in, the messages and documents you have ‘pre-sent’ them will be delivered.


Inviting Users from outside your organization

To invite users from your Forsta account, click the “Create Invite” button from your conversations menu.

Complete the invitation form and click “Invite”. Your invited user will receive an SMS and email message (if email provided) with a link to join Forsta.



Note: Inviting users in this way will not add them to your organization. The invite will prompt them to join the public “Forsta” organization described above. To add a user to your personal organization, follow the steps above titled: Onboarding Users: Organizational Users.


Signing up as a public user

For a user to sign up as a public user, they may visit and click “Create Account”.








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