Message Vault Setup.


1. Go to

2. Click Forsta Vault “View on Github”



- For quickstart options scroll down to the quickstart header.

- For developer install , scroll to and read our developer instructions.


- Heroku and Docker : To setup your vault using a heroku or Docker account click the respective quickstart button.


1. For Heroku, either sign in, or sign up for a free account to get started.

2. Name your message vault under the “App-Name” option.

3. Click “Deploy app” and your app will begin to build. This

will take a minute or two to fully complete.


4. Once your build is complete, click “Manage App”.


5. Click “Open App” located at the upper right of your window.

6. You are now ready to connect your Message Vault to your Organizational account. Click “Connect”.


7. Enter your full username to authenticate as a organization administrator and click “Submit”.


8. You will receive a SMS 2-factor authentication code. Enter this code and click “submit”.


You have now successfully deployed and logged into your organization’s message vault. Initially you will not see any messages in your Vault. Messages will begin to populate in the Vault only AFTER the vault has been deployed. Any messages sent or received after the vault has been deployed will begin to populate.




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