Setting Up Triggers


After successfully deploying and logging into your Compliance Monitor account, click “New Trigger” to create your first message trigger.

1. When setting up new trigger, there are multiple options to choose from. You can select from one or more of our predefined trigger patterns which include: Phone number, email address, credit card numbers, guarantee language, and vulgarity.

2. You can also customize your triggers by manually entering your own terms list, or, if you’re an “expert”, by entering your desired regex language.


3. Choose  a label for your trigger once it is created.

4. Next, choose the message direction related to the trigger. The message direction affects when the trigger will be activated. The options are: Any messages that are sent or received, internal messages sent or received, only incoming messages, or only outgoing messages.


5. Now select your distribution to notify.  The distribution is any and all users, or tags, within your organization you would like to notify in the event that a trigger is used.


6. Once created and saved, you will see your triggers listed with all information. You can edit a trigger by directly clicking on it.




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